I apparently began blogging in 1999, which makes me early to the form. But, I didn’t take to it, and it was only on Nov. 15, 2001 that I began in earnest (blogging every day for twelve years counts as earnest, right?), which puts me on the late edge of the first wave, I believe. Blogging at that point was generating some interest among the technorati, but was still far from mainstream notice. Or, to give another measure, for the first year or so, I was a top 100 blogger. (The key to success: If you can’t compete on quality, redefine your market down.)

Blogging mattered to us more deeply than you might today imagine.

Blogging, and thinking aloud about it with David Weinberger of Joho and AKMA and others I made lasting (decade plus, by now) friendships with, was how I came to writing in public and to my career. I can’t overstate how much those early days of blogs mattered and in how many ways.