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A quiet place to go, if you need it…

cover of The Bee-Loud Glade
cover by Jamie Keenan

With so many of us practicing social isolation in the face of Covid-19, I’ve been thinking about the time I spent reading and thinking and writing about hermits and solitude for my first novel, The Bee-Loud Glade. It’s the story of Finch, who loses his job as an online marketer then gets hired by the mysterious billionaire Mr. Crane to live as an ornamental hermit on his estate. Tom McCarthy, author of Remainder and Satin Island, among other books, called it, “An allegorical novel that seems eerily contemporary. Thoreau meets Ballard, meets Huysmans and many more.”

The novel is out of print now but if reading about a different kind of isolation might give you a lift or a distraction right now, I invite you to download an ebook for free at the links below.

If you do download a copy, please consider also buying a book by another author who could really use the sales right now, preferably from an independent community bookstore. If you’d like a suggestion, ask me on Twitter. Or please make a donation in the amount you might spend on a book to an organization supporting writers or booksellers — the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, for instance. Or to an arts council, or a food pantry, or a student emergency relief fund, or another way of giving that matters to you and is within your means in these upturned times.

Here are the ebook files:

.epub format (for Kobo, Nook, etc.)

.mobi format (for Kindle)